Lonepine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane

Holding a Koala at Lonepine Koala sanctuary
Neither of us are sure about how to feel about this awkward embrace

I just got back from Australia and one of the most memorable moments while I was in Brisbane was visiting the Lonepine Koala Sanctuary. Established in 1927, Lonepine was a refuge for Koalas who were being hunted for the fur trade. It now houses 100 species of Australian wildlife and has contributed to countless research initiatives. I’m not an animal lover by any stretch of the imagination, but this was a really great experience that I think everyone will enjoy. If you have allergies, remember to take something for it before hand.


Prices (in AUD)

  • Adult: $27
  • Child (3-13): $22
  • Students & Seniors: $24
  • Take a High Res photo with a Koala in an awkward Prom pose: $20

There is also family/group pricing that will save you some money if you inquire about it. If you want to take the picture holding a Koala, I suggest you do it early, because the line moves pretty slowly. Also, watch your step, there are lizards and birds all over the park who are used to humans, so keep an eye on where you step (I almost kicked a bush turkey).

Lonepine Activities

Feed Kangaroos

When you’re done holding Koalas there is a whole myriad of things to do around Lonepine. Buying feed (I think it cost $5 AUD) will give you a chance to interact with kangaroos in the park. It’s one of the more interesting things to do there, just make sure you wash your hands.

Also, is it me, or does it feel like animals judge you when you try to take selfies with them? Case in point:

Me with an angry looking Kangaroo at Lonepine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane


Look at how disgusted that kangaroo looks!

The angry face of Kangaroo hate
I think he’s upset because I voted for Bernie Sanders.
Me with a judgemental Emu at the Lonepine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane
I’m trying not to let on that I was observing this emu, but she’s making it awkward.

Look at birds

Not only will you get to interact with emus in the kangaroo area, but you’ll also get a chance to observe another giant bird called a cassowary. It was a bit shy when I was there, but it’s truly an odd and fascinating experience. There is an area with bats and birds, a perfect place to sit awhile and just listen to the interesting chirps and calls.

**Note: if you’re going to pet anything be sure you pet them on the back and not the head!

Observe the other wildlife

With a Tasmanian devil, Dingo pit, and reptile area you’re sure to have a good time watching these Australian creatures go about their day. Make sure you look at the platypus and participate in the other activities offered at the park.

Snapchat all your friends and make them jealous

Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking. But one of the things that is nice about Lonepine is that there is complimentary Wi-Fi all throughout the reserve. There are lots of outlets around too if you need to charge your electronics.

Lonepine Schedule

Getting to Lonepine Koala Sanctuary


Lonepine isn’t too far from Brisbane city and if you have your own car it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to get there. Obviously you can grab a taxi or and uber, but it may be pricey.

708 Jesmond Road
Fig Tree Pocket, Queensland 4069


If you want to take a more scenic route, there is a 1 hour + cruise via Mirimar cruises that leaves from the cultural center pontoon at 10am. It costs $75 for a round trip (the cruise leaves Lonepine at 2:15PM) and includes the park admission. If you’re looking for a 1 way trip, it’s $27.


If you’re in Brisbane for a couple days, be sure to pick up a “Go Card” and use the cities excellent public transportation. Getting the card is cheaper than paying individual bus fares and it’s refillable. There is an actual bus stop for Lone Pine, so it’s pretty easy to navigate and it took me about 45 minutes to get there.

**Note: The downtown area of Brisbane has complimentary Wi-fi provided by the city, use this to your advantage!

I spent most of the day at Lonepine and I enjoyed every minute of it. You can walk through the whole sanctuary in a couple of hours but if you participate in the shows and take your time it’s a good day trip. Sometimes just sitting around and watching the animals is worth the hours. Either way, Lonepine closes at 5 so you have plenty of time to get back into Brisbane.

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