10 reasons to stay in a hotel (over a hostel)

The Lobby of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabu
The Lobby of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabu

Not all travelers are built the same way. Where some of us crunchy backpackers are content with staying in hostels or couches there are many of us who prefer some more familiar comforts. It’s understandable, when you’re away from home you want to at least stay in a place that makes you feel comfortable. I’ve spent a lot of time staying in hotels for work and hostels for leisure, and while I’m happy to be in either, I can understand the appeal of paying a little more to be in a hotel. A lot of what hotels provide are intuitive, but consider this a resource for people who don’t know what their style is.

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10 Reasons to stay in a Hotel

1. Safety (Kind of)

Whenever I ask people why they choose to spend a little more for a hotel, they usually say that they feel safer there. While it’s been in my experience that hostels are just as safe, there’s a lot to be said for peace of mind. You’re not sharing a room with a lot of random people (like in a dorm style hostel room) and many of them also have a safe for your belongings.

2. Privacy

I’ve met some of the best people in hostels, but you can’t always find time to be alone. Hotel rooms provide a level of privacy that you don’t always get in hostels. You are sharing your space with a lot of people; so if you want to dance in your underwear to Justin Timberlake without being judged, hotels may be better for that.

My hotel room in Stockholm. Scandic Victoria Tower
My hotel room in Stockholm. Scandic Victoria Tower

3. Bathroom!

After a long day of work, exploration, or travel there are few things that sound better than a long hot shower. A lot of people feel the same way, but can that really happen when you’re sharing a bathroom with 8 other people?¬† If you want to shower or use the toilet during the busiest hours, you may have to wait in line.

4. Quiet time

At lot of hotels now have designated quiet areas. That guarantees that you will have a good nights sleep or at least not be agitated with loud and rambucious people running around at all hours of the night. Yeah, it may make you sound old, but sleep is fucking glorious.

5. Maid Service

I’ll be the first one to admit that my bedroom is absolutely atrocious. I’m fine living in my own clutter and I haven’t made my bed since the second Bush administration; However, I am NOT comfortable living in other people’s clutter. Hostels are cleaned also, but it’s not like the maid service you would get in a hotel. You’re sharing a space with people you don’t know, so there’s a chance their habits will annoy you.

Your room will be refreshed everyday with a hotel’s maid service and you won’t have to worry about a random Aussie guy leaving his dirty clothes in a trash bag under your bed (That actually happened to me).

6. Loyalty Programs

Like with airlines, hotel chains will reward you for your loyalty to the company with points. When you get to a certain level, you are afforded special amenities that you may not get otherwise. There is a huge community of travelers who have mastered hacking the points system to maximize discounts and free stays.

  • SPG¬†Starwood preferred guest is quite popular. With their recent merger with Marriott, you have even more choices and chances to earn points now.
  • HHonors is Hilton’s loyalty program. Lots of fun amenities for top tier people here.
  • Hotels.com has a “Collect 10 nights, get one night free” on their rewards program
  • Mlife is great if you like going to Vegas. It has resorts like the Mirage, Aria, and Bellagio including others. They also connected with Hyatt and Southwest airlines.
The top floor lounge at the Hilton Americas-Houston
The top floor lounge at the Hilton Americas-Houston. This Lounge serves breakfast and mid day snacks for HHonors members.

7. The Amenities

Want to get a work out in? swim? perhaps get a massage? chances are you’ll be able to find amenities that you normally would not in a hostel. Something as minor as towels and toiletries can save you some room in your luggage and they come standard with any hotel room.

The pool at the Montage Laguna Beach
The view of The Montage, Laguna Beach pool. A 5 star resort in Orange County

8. Concierge Services

Hostels are usually worked by fellow travelers taking some time to make a little more travel money. They are good sources for information, but it may not always be the best information. Hotels are usually a great resource for the area and a concierge is employed specifically to make things easier for you.

9. Choose your style

Don’t need all the bells and whistles that comes with a nice hotel? Want to tell that goof in the suit to take the high per night price and in-room Kuerig to shove it? Lord knows I do.

Cheaper hotels have a lot of the base amenities without all the frills so you can save some money. You still have the privacy of a hotel room and maid service without all the extras.

A small room in Club Quarters Boston.

10. Locations Vary

Don’t want to deal with the chaos and smells of a busy downtown district? maybe you’re into being a part of the hustle and bustle of the city? either way, you can find a hotel location for either one of your preferences. Most hotels are built close to attractions for your convenience, so you won’t have to travel far to find something to do. Even if you don’t want to be around busy areas, you can usually find a hotel location that has all the places you need withing walking distance without all the chaos

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Hua Chang hotel in Bangkok Thailand
My room in Hua Chang hotel in Bangkok Thailand


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